RedLightRunner Offers Frank Kozik Power Computing Posters

Letis get a quick show of hands: Who liked Power Computing and the companyis in-your-face-take-no-Intel-prisoners advertising? Our friends at RedLightRunner have added four of the posters Power Computing had designed by legendary artist Frank Kozik to their online store. RedLightRunner is an online retailer specializing in Mac and Apple paraphernalia.

Frank Kozik is better known for concert poster art he made for Austin, TX bands in the 1980s, and then national acts later. Mr. Kozik made a dent in the Mac world when Power Computing hired him to make such campaigns as "Letis Kick Intelis Ass!," "Publish or Perish!," "Mac Is MultiMedia," "Fight Against Tyrrany," and others (read more about Mr. Kozik in an interview at MacAddict). Those campaigns have been credited with helping Power Computingis early success, and RedLight Runner is offering 3 of these posters as of this writing. From RedLightRunner:

We now have the rare Frank Kozik "Power Computing" posters on sale at These posters were created for Power Computing in 1996 and i97 (prior to Jobsi return to Apple and Appleis purchase of Power Computing.) Weive been searching for these posters for a long time and luckily, weive found a decent supply at a great price. Now, weire passing the savings on to you!

You can find the posters at RedLightRunneris Web site.