Red Marble Releases Loonyland Adventure Game

Red Marble Games has released Loonyland, an adventure game that places players in the role of Loony, who is on a quest to save Halloween Hill from putrid gas-breathing trees, drunken zombies and other goofy monsters. Loony is armed with just his trusty slingshot, as well as whoopee cushions and a few potted cacti, as he fights over 60 different monsters and explore more than 50 areas. Loony also has access to seven special weapons that help him defeat 10 boss monsters.

Players can diverge from the main storyline to embark on such mini-quests as saving a kitten from a skeleton-infested forest or locating monster dolls for local residents. Loonyland also features unlockable mini games, such as Boss Bash and Loony Bowling; there are more than 30 secrets to find in all, including five new game modes.

Loonyland sells for US$19.95, with a 4.6MB demo available.

Loony takes on a boss monster