Red Marble Shipping New Word Puzzle Game

Red Marble Games is shipping a new game for Mac users, Flip Words. Flip Words is a word-styled game where the object is to solve phrases. The game features over 2,000 built-in phrases and the ability to download new phrases automatically. According to Red Marble Games:

Red Marble Games, in association with HipSoft LLC, is pleased to announce Flip Words, a colorful and fun new word game. Players click on a grid of letters to find words, and use the letters of those words to solve popular phrases -- quotations, titles, occupations, and more.

If the 2000 included phrases are not enough, players still will never run out of phrases to solve, because the game can automatically download new phrases from the Internet. Players can also create their own phrases, and submit them for consideration; if approved, theyill be available for other Flip Words players worldwide.

You can find more information about the Flip Words release at the Red Marble Games Web site. Flip Words is available for US$19.95.