Red Sweater Releases Maintenance Update For FastScripts

Red Sweater Software has released an update for FastScripts, bringing it to version 1.1.4. FastScripts is a utility designed for running AppleScripts. The update features several bug fixes. According to Red Sweater Software:

Red Sweater Software is happy to announce the immediate availability of FastScripts 1.1.4.

FastScripts is a utility for quickly and elegantly running scripts (AppleScript or shell scripts) from whichever application you happen to be running at the moment. In most respects, it can be considered a replacement for the Apple-provided "Script Menu" menu extra. In addition to the functionality provided by Appleis Script Menu utility, FastScripts offers a number of compelling improvements.

This update is recommended for ALL users of FastScripts as it patches a few troublesome problems that could affect any user, especially those of you with a large number of scripts in your script folders.

The main symptoms this addresses:

  • "Corrupt" menu item names like "ABOUT_MENU_ITEM"
  • Scripts donit show up in the menu (usually scripts that are deeper in the script hierarchy)
  • Probably fixes some of the random bugs that have been reported but are not reproduceable
  • Fixes support for 10.1 systems

You can find more information about the FastScripts update at the Red Sweater Software Web site. FastScripts is available for US$10.00.