Redbug Technologies Launches Virtual Reality Applications for Mac

Redbug Technologies has released public beta versions of Mapwing Creator Pro and Mapwing Viewer, applications designed to create and to share virtual reality tours.

Mapwing Creator Pro is an authoring application enabling users to build virtual reality (VR) tours from digital photographs. With Mapwing Creator Pro, users can create VR locations or ?points? out of images and connect these together to form tours. Tours can be enhanced by adding an interactive map, text comments, and hotspots. Mapwing Viewer is a browsing application that allows users to open Mapwing tour files.

Redbug is encouraging Mac users to download both products and submit feedback to help improve them.

Both products are compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.8 through 10.4 and require Rage 128 graphics or better.