RedleX Updates Mellel With Bug Fixes And More

RedleX has released an update for Mellel, bringing it to version 1.6.8. Mellel is a multi-lingual utility designed for word processing. The update features several enhancements including Panther fixes and expanded languages. According to RedleX:

RedleX have released Mellel 1.6.8, an update to its advanced multi-lingual word processor for Mac OS X. This release fixes a few small problems with Mellel under Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and adds several bug fixes.

New Mellel 1.6.8 features in detail:

  • Panther Fix: Fixed a bug with response for AppleEvents coming from Bookends
  • Panther Fix: Keyboard navigation problems Shift+Left/Right Arrow, Option+Left/Right Arrow, Option+Shift+Left/Right Arrow
  • Improved Dutch Localisation
  • Hyphen, Non Breaking Hyphen, Figure dash emulated: In fonts that do not include those characters they are emulated by using the minus character
  • Improved Line Breaking Behaviour: Mellel will break a line before a slash (solidus)
  • Improved Shareware Limitation Warning: Users are now advised that there are limitations to using the unregistered version (Printing with a watermark) in the registration prompt screen and before printing
  • Zero Underline Problem Fixed: When fonts have a zero weight for Underline Mellel will ignore that setting and will display a default underline
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash sometimes when clicking in the menu bar after closing a (long) document
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash sometimes when opening and editing files with (long) lists of citation

You can find more information about the Mellel update at the RedleX Web site. Mellel 1.6.8 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$19.00.