RedleX Updates Mellel With Table Enhancements

RedleX has released an update for Mellel, bringing it to version 1.5. Mellel is a multi-lingual utility designed for word processing. The update features enhancements including improved table options and Smart Undo. According to RedleX:

RedleX have released Mellel 1.5, a major update to its advanced word-processor.

Mellel is a new and advanced multilingual word-processor built for OS X, containing many sophisticated word-processing features with many more coming over the next few months.

The main new feature in this update (which is free for registered users of Mellel) is professional level tables. True to the original Macintosh spirit, all table options are concentrated in one easy to use palette. In addition, the new table tool offers numerous innovative options that make table creation easy and flexible.

New features in Mellel 1.5 (in detail)

  • Table creation and table palette: one palette to contain them all. All Mellelis table options are concentrated in one easy to use palette
  • Table Border Selector: allows you to set the line, line width (weight) and colour for any or all cell borders and over any selected range of cells
  • Table auto-adjustment: tables and table cells will shrink to fit into any given page size. That is, if you change the page size or page margins, the table will shrink to fit into the new page size
  • Clear Delete policy: Deletion of cells and content (text or images) is clearly differentiated. Pressing the Delete key will clear the content in a selected range of cells. Selecting Delete Cells from the Options menu will delete the selected range of cells
  • Text to Table: you can import or paste tab delimited text into a table from any text document, table in another word processor or spreadsheet
  • Tables in headers and footers: you you can insert a table in a header or a footer (and change the table with every page)
  • Tables in footnotes and endnotes: you can insert a table in footnotes and endnotes. You can additionally create a footnote or endnote reference from within a table
  • and more...

You can find more information about the Mellel update at the RedleX Web site. Mellel 1.5 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$19.00.