RedleX Updates Mellel With Vector Graphic Importing

RedleX has released an update for Mellel, bringing it to version 1.4.2. Mellel is a multi-lingual utility designed for word processing. The update features enhancements including vector graphic import support and expanded language and script support. According to RedleX:

RedleX, have released Mellel 1.4.2, a minor update to its advanced word-processor.

Mellel is a new and advanced multilingual word-processor built for OS X, containing many sophisticated word-processing features with many more coming over the next few months.

The update includes support for import of vector graphics and hi-resolution images (including PDF), support for export and import encodings for Greek, Cyrillic and Central European languages, enhanced default view options (default zoom, show\\hide page margins), support for Greek and Cyrillic scripts, and more. Detailed here are also updates included in Mellel 1.4.1.

New features in Mellel 1.4.2:

  • Greek and Cyrillic scripts support: the added scripts support enables typing a mix of Greek, Cyrillic, Roman and Hebrew text using Mellelis unique "secondary font" option
  • Enhanced Export: Mellel now offers 16 different export and import encodings to suit the needs of Central European, Greek, Cyrillic, Roman and Hebrew users. The encodings are supported when exporting to or importing from RTF an plain text
  • German, French, Spanish Localisations: including fixes for compatibility with 1.4.2
  • Enhanced Default View options: Mellel now offers the option to show\\hide the page margins and set the default zoom for documents
  • Hi-Res and vector graphics: Mellel now support import (through drag and drop or copy and paste) of hi-resolution images and vector graphics
  • And Much More: which means numerous bug fixes and enhancements

You can find more information about the Mellel update at the RedleX Web site. Mellel 1.4.2 is available for US$19.00.