Register For TMO Forums, Win A FireWire Webcam! [Updated]

We updated the rules with a bonus for posting multiple times. You can see the full text in the 2nd point, below.

We are pleased to announce our first giveaway in more than three years. We will be giving away one FireWire Webcam from Firewire Direct each week for the next two weeks. For those keeping score at home, thatis a total of two Webcams. All you have to do to register for the giveaway is register for our forums. We launched our new forums two weeks ago and they have really taken off. We are very excited that Firewire Direct is helping us show our appreciation to the Observers who are making our boards their new home. There are some caveats for registering for the giveaway, of course, but they are pretty simple.

TMOis Webcam Giveaway Rules

  • You have to register and make at least one post to the forums, and it canit be what we subjectively call "lame." In other words, you need to be adding to the conversation and not just posting to qualify. Lame posts will be summarily deleted without appeal for the next two weeks by our crack team of moderators.

  • [Addendum] In addition, for each 10 posts, you will get an additional entry into the drawing. That means that if you post between 11-20 times, you will be entered twice, 21-30 posts will get you entered 3 times, etc. This is a painfully obvious way to encourage you to really get involved with the discussion. Please note the "lame" clause above which says all lame posts will be summarily deleted without appeal.

  • You must use a valid e-mail address when registering (you can choose to not have that e-mail address be viewable by other members). This is in part so that we can contact you if you win, but you can be assured you will not be SPAMMED by The Mac Observer. We will also NOT be selling, trading, or in any other way providing these e-mail addresses to any third party. We donit like SPAM any more than you do, and we take pride in the fact that we adhere to a high privacy standard.

  • Multiple accounts from the same IP address will be disqualified for the contest. This is to keep people from registering fake accounts for the contest.

  • Everyone who has ever registered for our forums is eligible for both drawings. The exception to this is TMO staff, forum admins, forum moderators, and their families.

  • We will hold the first drawing on Monday, July 2nd of 2001, with all members registered by 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, July 1st being included in the drawing. The second drawing will be held on Monday, July 9th of 2001 with everyone registered by 11:59 PM (PST) of Sunday, July 8th being eligible. We reserve the right to extend those parameters if needed. Other technical issues could arise that require us to make other changes to the rules and guidelines of this giveaway. The CV Webcam will be shipping in mid-July, and our winners will be among the first to receive one of these units from Firewire Direct.

The DV Webcamis feature set:

  • Record video at up to 400 MB/s and edit movies with Premiere and other leading DV solutions
  • Video teleconferencing, video e-mail, affordable movie making, and video presentations possible with easy set up
  • Features no other FireWire cam has, like detachable base and cable, and complete out of the box functionality at a low price

You can find more information on the Firewire Direct DV Webcam at Firewire Directis Web site. For more information on our forums, check them out!