Relive Myth II Glory With 1.4 Update, Tons Of Improvements

Myth II: Bungie was still the king of Mac games, Macs were the fastest PCs on the planet, and was the coolest place to play online, and Myth II itself was the finest game ever released. Since then, Bungie sold out to Microsoft, Macs play second fiddle to the x86 world, is no more, but Myth II is still one of the finest games ever released. Today, you can still have that Myth II experience with a newly updated version of the game, version 1.4. This is a brand new update to the game that brings a ton of improvements, and even new features to Myth II. From the creators, Project Magma:

After bringing you Myth 2 v.1.3.2, Project Magma, in association with MythDev , is pleased to present Myth 1.4.

Myth v1.4 adds over 100 enhancements, bug fixes and new features to Myth II: Soulblighter, in the areas of: graphics; interface improvements; elimination of plugin lag; elimination of chat lag; elimination of the iwalking bugi, new mapmaking features; AI improvements and bug fixes; optional vTFL (virtual TFL) gameplay, which effectively brings both games and communities to the same program; and much, much more.

Myth v1.4 also include the changes present in Myth II v1.3.2 , namely support for OS X, and elimination of the flashing cursor under Windows 2000/XP.

In addition to Myth 1.4, Project Magma is also happy to announce the release of a variety of new plugins and other items for Myth 1.4. These are currently described in our downloads section.

The release comes from Project Magma, in conjunction with the folks at, and was not made by Bungie itself. The download is free, and there is a full list of bug fixes, new features, and other improvements at the Project Magma Web site. Myth 1.4 supports online play at PlayMyth.Net and Marius.Net.