Remote Favorite Internet Utility Updated From If Then Software

If Then Software has released an update for My Favorites Martian, bringing it to version 1.6. My Favorites Martian is an internet utility designed for publishing and subscribing to Explorer and Chimera favorites via remote FTP sites. The update features several enhancements including new icons and graphics. According to If Then Software:

Due to popular demand, My Favorites Martian has been updated to 1.6.

My Favorites Martian is a small utility to help keep your Internet Explorer and Chimera favorites in sync to an FTP site, iDisk or iPod. Never be without your favorites on a remote machine again! This update reintroduces Chimera support and a new feature, "iPeek." This allows you to enter a .mac users account name and view their IE favorites online (if they have published them for you to see!)

This version adds:

  • New icon & graphics
  • Added notes to the help screen
  • Added "version check" to the preferences
  • Chimera bookmark syncing returns!
  • iPeek–"peek" at other .mac user favorites
  • Updated code to figure out your "real" user directory (Thanks, Smittie!)
  • An easter egg!

You can find more information about the My Favorites Martian release at the If Then Software Web site. My Favorites Martian 1.6 is available as donationware.