Remote Workflow Package Updated

Group Logic has updated their remote proofing, ftp, and and workflow tool, MassTransit. Version 3.6 allows digital content creators to have specifict control over sharing projects, tracking changes, and monitoring the creative and editing process. According to Group Logic:

Group Logic, Inc., today announced the release of MassTransit, version 3.6, the latest edition of the companyis high-speed digital file transfer, remote proofing, and remote workflow solution. Now shipping, MassTransit 3.6 boosts file transfer performance by more than 20 percent over previous versions, lets users view the Log and Job browser from the World Wide Web, and expands remote administration capabilities. MassTransit 3.6 also ports enterprise features to the Windows version of the software. The industryis leading dataflow management software solution, MassTransit creates powerful, efficient workflows that give graphic arts firms a competitive edge in the marketplace.

MassTransit 3.6 offers graphic arts firms a dynamic tool for providing added value to their clients. Ideal for todayis tight production schedules, the newest version of this easy-to-use dataflow management software boosted throughput by almost 30 percent in some applications. MassTransitis improved performance helps customers get more value from their Internet and private IP network links by allowing them to transfer substantially more data without spending additional dollars for more bandwidth.

MassTransit 3.6 also offers additional support for monitoring and controlling file transfer operations from anywhere on the network via the World Wide Web. Using a standard Web Browser, remote users can log on to a MassTransit server to check the status of a critical file transfer, view and modify queues of incoming and outgoing files, and initiate a file transfer or proofing connection to a remote site. The new feature helps users get information quickly and easily and control file transfer without having to walk to the MassTransit server or if they are working remotely. Both the new and previously released Web interfaces are available bundled with the Enterprise edition. They are sold as an add-on to the standard edition.

To assist administrators in tailoring the software to their usersi and customersi needs, MassTransit 3.6 introduces several new customization features. A duplicate Action button makes configuring a large number of Actions easier and faster, while a new Action event -"Before Log Entries Are Deleted"- lets users archive information automatically before deleting Log entries (for Macintosh version only).

You can find more information at the Group Logic web site.