RenderBoy Gets An Animated Update

Vista Systems has released an update for RenderBoy, bringing it to version 2.3.0. RenderBoy is a 3D modeler designed for creating 3D animations. The new version includes performance enhancements including DXF file import support. According to Vista Systems:

Vista Systems announces the release of RenderBoy v2.3.0, the popular shareware solid modeler and ray-tracing renderer for PowerPC and color 68K MacOS computers. Render-Boy lets users easily model and render photo-realistic 3D images and animations, complete with shadows, reflections, refractions, textures, and more.

New features in v2.3.0 include DXF file import, which allows the import and rendering of much more complex geometries. DXF files can be downloaded free from the web, or created from scratch using compatible modeling applications.

You can find more information about the RenderBoy update at the Vista Systems web site. RenderBoy 2.3.0 is available for US$39.00.