Renewed Vision Introduces ProPresenter 2.5 for Mac OS X

Renewed Vision has released ProPresenter 2.5, its Mac-only 2-screen lyric, music, and video presentation software package.

Used by churches, ministries, and live production, the all-in-one lyric and video presentation package can display up to 20 slides at a time on a control monitor while projecting individual slides to the audience with a click of the mouse, allowing the flexibility for worship to repeat verses, sing choruses multiple times, and switch songs dynamically.

Other features include sound playback with cross dissolves, true-WYSIWYG formatting, independent control of slide text and backgrounds as well as cued background support, motion background support for video loops, synchronization of slides with audio tracks, word highlighting (karaoke style), sound Playback with cross dissolves, independent "QuickCues" for nursery calls, and more.

ProPresenter 2.5 is available now at US$400 for a single user license and $800 for a multiple license.