Report Claims Cube Discontinued To Pave Way For New iMac

MacUser is reporting that previous speculation that Appleis G4 Cube would be discontinued is correct. In a move designed to make way for a new LCD based iMac, Apple stopped making the Cube sometime in April.

The Cube, while met with rave reviews for its industrial design never found a large enough market among computer buyers to be successful. According to the MacUser article, however, the ideas behind the Cube are not dying, but are rather being folded into the new iMac design. According to MacUser:

Highly reliable sources have reported that lacklustre sales and a new iMac design, which would put into question the Cubeis product positioning, are among the reasons for the productis demise.

Sources within Apple confirmed the Cube will be replaced by a totally redesigned iMac with a flat-panel LCD display at the upcoming Macworld Expo in New York on 17 July. One insider said: iWhen you see the new iMac, youill understand why the Cube is gone.i

Although there has been speculation that Steve Jobs would drop a bomb and announce the new iMac next week, the MacUser article states that we will see the new consumer desktop at next monthis MACWORLD Expo in New York City.

You can read the full article at the MacUser Web site.