Report: Corporate Dissatisfaction With Windows High - Don't Discount Mac and Linux

A recent report from the Yankee Group reveals increasing customer dissatisfaction with Microsoftis latest tactics and products, with rising support for alternatives to Windows. The Yankee Group, a technology research and consultancy company based in Boston, summarizes the report by analyst Laura DiDio:

"Corporate user resentment and dissatisfaction with Microsoft and some of its practices are at an all-time high," DiDio said. ?A myriad of issues ranging from Microsoftis perceived monopolistic practices, hyperbolic marketing, ongoing security woes, and habitually slipping ship dates of major new product releases as well as confusion surrounding the overall .NET strategy have undermined corporate customer confidence. ?A recent joint survey of 1,500 corporations by Sunbelt Software, Inc. and the Yankee Group found that nearly 40% of the respondents were so outraged by Microsoftis new licensing scheme that they are actively seeking alternative products.

While the report points out that this is not an indication that Microsoft is going to topple from the head of the pile anytime soon, it "does open the door a crack" for alternative platforms to gain more support in the corporate environment.

You can read the Yankee Group press release in full at their Web site. Additionally, an executive summary of the report is available with a free registration.