Report: Jobs 2003 Median Pay Jumped 1000%-plus

The median pay of Apple CEO Steve Jobs jumped more than 1000% in 2003, according to a survey released Wednesday by The Corporate Library, a corporate governance analysis firm.

The report noted that Mr. Jobsi compensation jump was largely due to the exercising a stock options and Mr. Jobs receiving restricted stock. Mr. Jobs was among four company CEOs - Oracle, Yahoo and Colgate-Palmolive - who increased their salaries by more than 22%. On average the median pay for a CEO in the U.S. increased by 15% last year.

The survey also examined the pay of 1,794 CEOs who held their posts for all of 2003, and found that median compensation was US$1.85 million. IAC/InterActiveCorpis CEO, Barry Diller, had the highest total compensation, according to the survey. He received $156 million in 2003, including stock option profits of $151 million.