ResExcellence Offers Interface Cutomizations For FTP Client, Interarchy

The popular and powerful FTP client, Anarchie, has been transformed into a new and improved version called Interarchy. The new client boasts a host of new features, including the ability to customize the interface by using "Wands." ResExcellence has announced that they will be hosting new Wands for Interarchy, and the first six are now available. According to ResExcellence:

ResExcellence is proud to be the official site for the Interarchy Wand Archive. Interarchy is the new ftp client built on Anarchie. Wands are more than just interface skins, using the included WandForge, you can create a custom interface to the net. The first six new Wands are available for download.

You can find all of the wands at the Wand Archive at the ResExcellence web site.