Research References Made Easy: Bookends Updated

Those that do any amount of research that generates dozens of references per paper quickly grow tired of dealing with strict APA or MLA publishing guidelines. Enter Bookends Plus 6.0.1. Bookends not only monitors reference formatting, but allows users to seek references on the web, and attach related files to a reference, such as a URL or PDF file. According to Bookendsi publisher, Sonny Software:

Sonny Software is pleased to announce the release of Bookends Plus 6.0.1, a full-featured bibliography/reference and information management system for professionals and students. With Bookends you can easily import references from hundreds of on-line sources, create bibliographies that meet the most exacting requirements, attach associated files (pdf files, pictures, scanned images, documents, etc.) to references for easy retrieval, and even allow others, on any platform, to retrieve, add, or edit references in your databases via the World Wide Web.

Among the new features and improvements in Bookends Plus 6.0.1 are:

  • Styled text (bold, italics, etc.) and fonts are displayed in the Bookends Clipboard window.
  • The face and size of the font used in the Term Lists and the Hits Window can be specified by the user. This is particularly useful for those using non-Roman fonts for references.
  • The Bookends 6.0.1 Installer will install the necessary add-ins for Word 2001 and Nisus Writer 6.
  • Bug fixes.

Regularly priced at US$99 for the general public, and US$69 for students, Sonny Software will be offering Bookends Plus for US$79 for the general public and US$49 for students through the holiday season. You can find more information at the Sonny Software web site.