Resize Text in Safari and Mail

Mondayis Quick Tip showed how to zoom in on a section of your Desktop. Today weill take a look at how to enlarge or reduce the size of text in Safari and Mail. Instead of zooming in on your screen, you can use the Command-+ (Command-Plus) keyboard combination to enlarge the text on a Web page or in an email. The Command-- (Command-Minus) reduces the text size.

This is a nice way to make the near microscopic text on Windows-centric Web sites legible, and Mail even remembers text sizes on a per-message basis. That way, you can change the type size only for the messages that are a little too small to read. All you have to do is select the window with the text you want to enlarge or reduce before using the keyboard shortcut.

Increase the type size in Mail messages with the Command-Plus shortcut.

Even better, most text editing applications use these keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease type size, too. Just be sure to select the text you want to change first.

The text size keyboard shortcuts work in other applications, too.

Thanks to TMO reader Dan Neesley for mentioning these keyboard shortcuts.

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