Retail Store Rumors And P.I.'s On The Mac Show

This weekis Mac Show will cover the current hot topic of the rumored Apple retail store under construction in Palo Alto. Also featured with be a Mac using private investigator, letting us in on all the high drama of the P.I. world. According to The Mac Show:

The Newsmaker of the Week is the story regarding Apple and their rumored plans to open their own retail outlets. The Mac Show will talk to Tom Santos, owner of the MacAdam store in San Francisco and get his thoughts and opinions about Apple competing with his store.

The Featured Guest on Wednesdayis Mac Show will be a fellow Mac user with a very cool job - Alex Kline is a San Francisco based Private Detective. Tune in to find out what Alex does and how he uses Macs to do it!

On the TechTips segment, sponsored by Micromatis Tech Tool Pro 3, the President and CEO of Totally Hip Software, Dave Dicaire, will be on to talk about video and image compression and why itis so important.

Peter Cohen of MacCentral has the weekis game news and will help Shawn and Hilary give away an Aspyr Game Pack!

Speaking of giveaways, as always, The Mac Show has a bucketload of prizes filling up their SwagBag - Podium CoolPads from, copies of Macromediais Freehand, copies of Tech Tool Pro 3 & more t-shirts! Tune in to win!

You can tune into The Mac Show from 9-11:00 PM EST every Wednesday evening.