Reuters: "Apple Says Stores Helping Win Back PC Users"

In a very short article, Reuters is reporting that Apple is claiming that the companyis new retail stores are helping to win market share. Though the article doesnit directly support it, the title of the piece says "Apple says stores helping win back PC users," a bold claim indeed. From that short article:

Apple Computer Incis new retail stores are helping the icon to win new converts, the head of the company-owned chain said on Wednesday.

"Weire very pleased with the storesi overall performance and the inroads weire making toward expanding market share," Ron Johnson, Appleis senior vice president for stores, said in an interview at the opening of a store in Palo Alto, California.

Note that Appleis Palo Alto store doesnit officially open until Saturday. The event the reporter attended was a press event and pre-opening party. There is a bit more in the story that we did not quote.