Reuters Selects Apple as Company of the Day

Apple is the focus on todayis Reuters Select Top Down Company Focus article, which takes a detailed look at Appleis stock performance. The stock recently landed on two Retuers Select Growth screens: Relative Momentum and Rising Expectations.

In the last twelve-months, shares of Apple have climbed from about $20 to more than $55, while revenue has grown 33.38%, far above the industryis 13.50% growth. Those two figures alone are primarily responsible for Appleis appearance on the two Reuters growth screens.

While its recent results lead the industry, Appleis five-year growth rate stands at 6.18%, slightly below the industryis 7.00%. "We see that AAPL has gone from lagging its Computer Hardware peers, to ranking among the leaders of the Industry," Reuters writes.

The rest of the investor-savvy article discusses EPS growth and estimates, which we will leave to the more numbers-conscious readers!