Reuter's: Survey Says- Movie Trailers Boost Site Traffic, QuickTime Mentioned

A Reuteris News article, referring to results from Neilsenis NetRating, says that new movie trailers cause traffic on the sites that have them to rise dramatically. The article titled, iStar Warsi and Other Movie Trailers Draw Surfers , says:

Traffic to from surfers logging on at home jumped 97 percent to 315,000 during the week ending March 17, NetRatings said.

The online trailer featuring "Episode II, Attack of the Clones," which opens in theaters on May 16, was one of the top pages visited, attracting 31 percent of the siteis audience. drew 286,000 Web surfers, rising 75 percent from the week prior, according to NetRatings.

Seventeen percent of the visitors to accessed news and information on the feature film "Resident Evil," which opened in theaters on March 15, while 15 percent logged on to pages featuring exclusive Web trailers for the "Spider-Man" movie which debuts on May 3.

Rounding out the list traffic on grew 73 percent as 255,000 surfers logged on for the latest information on the 20th anniversary and March 22 re-release of "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial."

Whatis also interesting is that the article mentions Appleis QuickTime Pro marketing ploy linked with some of the trailers. From the article:

"Movie trailer distribution has become an online commodity for the entertainment industry," said Jarvis Mak, senior Internet media analyst at NetRatings. "For example, not only is the new iSpider-Mani trailer privy to Web viewers first, but the large versions of the four iStar Warsi trailers are only available to consumers who purchase (the Internet player) QuickTime Pro."

You can read more about this subject in the full article.