Revolution 2.0 Now Shipping

Runtime Revolution has released a new version of Revolution, bringing it to version 2.0. Revolution is a cross-platform software development tool designed for creating applications for multiple platform deployment. The latest version ships with several new features including an integrated debugger and SOAP support. According to Runtime Revolution:

Runtime Revolution, the recognized leader in multi-platform software development tools, today announced Revolution version 2.0. Revolution brings together a user-friendly interface and a powerful, easy-to-use, object-based programming language. Developerswrite applications - once - and deliver on OS X, classic Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Unix.

Major New Features in Revolution 2.0:

Revolution 2.0 is a full-featured release that adds more than 118 new features and over 500 enhancements. Feature areas include:

  • XML library with full support for creating and parsing XML content
  • SOAP support
  • New development-environment user interface, including OS X enhancements
  • Unicode text entry and manipulation, conversion, import, and export
  • Automatic report generator with point-and-click layout
  • Video capture, text-to-speech, and more new multimedia features
  • Spreadsheet/table text fields with cell editing and automatic formatting
  • Windows of any size and shape
  • Fully configurable drag-and-drop architecture for multiple data types
  • Code Cookbook explaining a range of useful routines
  • Improved database access on all platforms adds point-and-click setup, PostgreSQL support, and MySQL SSL connections to the existing full-featured support for MySQL, Oracle, Valentina, and ODBC connections

You can find more information about the Runtime 2.0 release at the Runtime Revolution Web site. Runtime 2.0 is available starting at US$99.00.