Revolution Maintenance Update Released

Runtime Revolution has released an update for Revolution, bringing it to version 2.2.1. Revolution is a cross-platform software development tool designed for creating applications for multiple platform deployment. The maintenance update features improved stability and performance enhancements. According to Runtime Revolution:

Runtime Revolution today announces the latest update of Revolution, the user-centric development tool for software authors of all abilities.

Revolution is available for every major platform and itis ease of use and powerful feature set make it the quickest and easiest way to develop Internet, multimedia, database and generic software applications.

Revolution 2.2.1 is maintenance update and is available free to Express, Studio and Enterprise customers of version 2.2.

Revolution 2.2.1 builds in the previous releases by improving stability and performance in three main areas:

  • The standalone builder
  • Error handling and reporting
  • The Database library

You can find more information about the Revolution update at the Runtime Revolution Web site. Revolution 2.2.1 is available starting at US$75.00.