Ringo Gets Custom Caller ID Graphics

Electric Pocket has released a new version of Ringo, bringing it to version 3.0. Ringo is a Treo Communicator ringtone manager and composer designed for downloading and sharing new ringtones. The latest version features a customizable graphic caller ID. According to Electric Pocket:

Electric Pocket today announces the release of Ringo 3.0, an enhanced version of the popular ringtone manager for Handspringis Treo Communicator. Ringo enables users to compose and share custom ringtones or download and install new ringtones from the Internet. Adding to Ringois recent enhancement of establishing customized ringtones for specific callers or groups of callers, Ringo will now enable users to assign photographs or graphical icons for each caller or group.

Rather than straining to read the name on the Treois Caller ID feature, users can now simply associate a photograph or other graphic to each individual or to groups of callers who are classified together, such as "business," "family," or "friends." When the Treo user receives a new call, the incoming caller can be identified both by a customized ringtone and their picture or some other icon.

You can find more information about the latest Ringo version at the Electric Pocket Web site. Ringo 3.0 is available for US$9.95.