Rise Of The Clones: Part 2: Clones 1, Apple 1

Apple at its core
Like an iMac with no face
The iBox wants you

Bad haiku, we know, but it should have jogged your memory about the guy who wants to build and sell Mac clones (for a bunch of Mac haiku, check out the Mac haiku thread in the TMO forums). Ever wonder what became of John Fraser and his quest to build the iBox? According to Wired News, Mr. Fraser has been a busy man selling Mac clones using parts normally destined for broken Macs. That is, until Apple cut off his supply of parts. From the article, Supply Snag Slows Down Mac Cloner:

Since setting up shop in April, (John) Fraser has been doing a roaring trade selling low-cost, configurable Mac clones based on older motherboards from Apple.

However, Apple has threatened legal action against Fraseris motherboard supplier, citing breach of contract, according to Fraseris Web site.

"Our distributor was under contract to not sell the Apple components we (rely) on for our business," Fraseris Web site says. "The supplier was unaware of the stipulation when we originally started our business agreements. Now that the facts are clear, they are under legal pressure to stop immediately and (permanently) the sales of Apple components to CoreComputers."

The article also points out that Mr. Fraseris been so busy that work on the iBox is behind schedule, and includes comments form Larry OiConnor at Other World Computing. For more information check out the full article at Wired News.