Rob Enderle: HP's iPod Will Outsell Apple

A ccording to long-time Apple doom sayer Rob Enderle, HPis branded iPod will be outselling the Appleis own product that has become a cultural phenomenon. HP introduced its iPod, called "Apple iPod from HP," today during a press event introducing many new consumer electronics products from the computer company (see TMOis full coverage for more information).

The Apple iPod from HP is the first iPod licensed by Apple to a third party, and marks HPis first serious foray into the world of music players. Mr. Enderleis comments come in a Reuters article covering todayis announcements. From that article:

This yearis unveiling is Palo Alto, California-based HPis third consumer electronics showcase since it launched the "Big Bang" three years ago, and it reflects PC makersi efforts to move into new markets as the overall PC industry matures.

"HP is certainly a major contender in this race to get into the living room," said Mike McGuire, an analyst at Gartner G2. "They already have a substantial installed base with printers, PCs and handhelds."


"The expectation on the iPod is that HPis version will probably outsell Appleis version relatively quickly," [analyst Rob Enderle of market research firm Enderle Group] said, due to HPis broad distribution at electronics retailers.

Thereis more on HPis push into consumer electronics in the full article.