Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Writer Describes the Invasion of the 'iPod People'

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle writer David Tyler takes a look at the iPod phenomenon in a column reprinted on the Detroit News Web site. With 5.3 million of the MP3 players sold last quarter, Apple obviously has a runaway hit on its hands, and Tyler talks to college students, independent Apple dealers and others to find out the talk on the street.

Jeremy Horwitz, editor-in-chief of, tells Tyler that "This is like Betamax versus VHS. IPod was declared the de facto winner as the standard for MP3 players and people rushed out to buy it because this was the safe digital music player to buy." Others note that the iPodis simplicity is a big part of the equation, and Horwitz explains that the latest trend in accessories is the addition of iPod compatibility in the latest cars, so that users can take their tunes on the road.

You can read more on the Detroit News Web site.