Rogue Amoeba Updates Audio Hijack And Nicecast

Rogue Amoeba has released several updates including releases for Audio Hijack, Audio Hijack Pro, and Nicecast. Audio Hijack is an audio player designed for custom sound embedding and capturing. Nicecast is a utility designed for streaming iTunes audio over the Internet. The updates feature bug fixes and minor performance mods. According to Rogue Amoeba:

Rogue Amoeba Software has released a flurry of free updates for its products. A moderate update to Audio Hijack Pro, the companyis feature-rich application for recording any audio, has bumped it to version 1.3. This update includes a fix for recording iTunes when crossfades are on, as well as other small improvements. Audio Hijack Pro 2 is in heavy development, and is expected to be released sometime this summer.

Also updated were Audio Hijack, to version 2.1.1 and Nicecast, to version 1.5.1. Audio Hijackis update sports several bug fixes, as well as an Advanced Hijacking feature, allowing audio to be pulled from some pro audio applications that were previously not hijackable. Nicecast has gained support for interaction with Ask The DJ, as well as improved AppleScript support and several bug fixes.

You can find more information about the updates at the Rogue Amoeba Web site. The uppdates are free for registered users, while the full version of Audio Hijack Pro available for US$30.00, Audio Hijack is US$16.00, and Nicecast retails for US$40.00.