Rolling Stone: U2 Talks Strategy on iPod

A Rolling Stone article serves up details on U2is partnership with Apple, noting that among other things the band recorded the its commercial for Apple free-of-charge.

The story, which recaps details from the Apple/U2 announcement (a $349 20GB red-and-black U2 iPod will feature the bandis signatures on the back and will include a $50 coupon off U2is $149 The Complete U2 collection), notes that the band first met with Apple in early 2003, when it heard plans about the iTunes Music Store.

"The commercial was an attractive idea because iTunes was already selling our music, and the amount Apple will spend for airtime is out of reach for the record business," U2 manager Paul McGuinness says. While the group recorded the commercial for free, it will receive royalties from sales of the U2 iPod.

"Itis a win-win situation," says Bob Chiappardi, president of Concrete Marketing, a music-promotion firm.

"If it goes well, look for other bands to beg Apple for their own iPods too," the story concludes.