Roxio's New Popcorn Makes Copying DVDs Easy [Updated]

Roxio, the company behind the popular Toast Titanium CD and DVD authoring software, has quietly released Popcorn, a new application for easily copying DVDs on a Mac.

Popcorn will extract the content of a DVD, compress it to fit on a 4.7GB blank DVD disc if the original is larger than that, and burn the new disc. The software supports multi-channel audio, such as Dolby Digital 5.1, multi-language content, and NTSC and PAL video. Disc labeling software is also included.

Popcorn canit copy encrypted or copy protected DVDs out of the box (which includes practically every DVD youid find at Blockbuster, for example), however, but when other software is used to accomplish the actual ripping task--which the company notes "may contravene the copyright laws in certain countries"--Popcorn can then take over the compression and burning process.

Popcorn is available now for $49.95. Toast 6 Titanium owners can purchase the software for $29.95.

[Update: Roxio contacted us to point out that Popcorn is ideally suited for backing up or duplicating unencrypted DVDs, such as those created by Roxiois own Toast, or Appleis iDVD and Studio Pro, and that such uses do not conflict with copyright laws. - Editor]