Royalty-free Video Editing And Web Graphics Software Available

Ulead Systems, Inc., has announced the release of a new, royalty-free line of media products offering commercial and freelance producers or designers hundreds of digital photo and video clips. According to Ulead Systems, Inc.:

The first two collections are Ulead Pick-a-Photo and Ulead Pick-a-Video.

While royalty-free media has been available for some time, our goal is to offer affordable, high-quality titles at a fraction of the usual industry costs.

All Ulead titles grant unlimited and unrestricted use to all video clips or photos used in multimedia projects, eliminating the need to obtain authoring or producing rights, licensing, or pay royalties. Video clips and photos may be used or altered as often as desired without seeking

Uleadis Pick-a-Photo software is a collection of 2 CD-ROMs containing 200 high-resolution photos. Each CD-ROM title provides a range of file types and pixel resolutions to suit both Web design and print media projects. Additionally, all 200 photos come as CMYK color separations in both Macintosh and PC file formats.

Uleadis Pick-a-Video CD-ROM titles help to build a library of video footage for use in broadcast media and Web design. Each Pick-a-Video title includes more than 200 seconds of video in 16-18 clips.

Pick-a-Video titles are available in different file types, resolutions and formats. Each clip has a broadcast quality version in either DV Type-1 AVI for PC or Photo-JPEG MOV for Macintosh, both in NTSC or PAL standards.

Further information is available at the Ulead home page or direct at 800-85-ULEAD. Each Pick-a-Photo CD-ROM title is US $39.95.