RuneSoft Debuts Cold War Demo, Tricky Intros Armado

RuneSoft has released a demo for its latest Mac conversion, Cold War. The game stars a freelance journalist who lands in the middle of an international conspiracy while visiting the U.S.S.R. during the 1980s. Players must use stealth and their wits to survive.

While the full game is a Universal Binary capable of running on Intel or PowerPC Macs, the demo is PowerPC-only, although RuneSoft did say that the game would run through Rosetta on an Intel Mac. Mac OS X v10.4 is required.

Cold War

Tricky Software has also added to the Mac gaming world with the announcement of Armado, a Mac/Windows game scheduled for release in October. The eponymous hero of the game is an armadillo who must travel through dense woodlands and across volcanic mountains while taking on a variety of bad guys. Itis an all-ages title that runs on PowerPC G4 or Intel processors and requires Mac OS X v10.2. Pricing has not been released yet.