Rune: The Halls of Valhalla Details Announced, Mac Version Confirmed!

HumanHead Studios has updated their Web site with new information on the expansion pack for their burn and pillage game, Rune. The expansion pack, called Rune: The Halls of Valhalla, will primarily be a multiplayer add-on with a few interesting twists to online combat. Here are a few details on the expansion pack from the Official Rune Web site:

Think Fight Club…only instead of Ed Norton or Brad Pitt, youire a Viking— or maybe a Mongol warrior, a Snake Berserker, or a Valkyrie. While Basic Arena is geared towards one-on-one combat, some maps and servers will allow for larger teams (2-on-2, 3-on-3, etc.). Begin by equipping yourself with weapons and shields, then wait in the queue to enter the arena. A number floating above your head will signify your turn, and completion of the countdown will transport you into the arena. Once there, itis up to you to be the last man standing. Walk away alive, and youill have full health and all equipment you brought into the arena restored to you for your next battle.

In HeadBall, teams have only one goal: to score points by tossing the heads of their opponents through the arenais goals. HeadBall begins with each team announcing that they are ready by using a switch placed in the map for each team. Once all teams have checked in, a countdown beings, during which the players may move to wherever they believe will allow them the best starting advantage—though they cannot do damage to each other. However, once the starting gong has sounded, the melee begins! Use defensive to slow the progress of your opponents, or turn to offense, and go for the killing blow of decapitation. When a head is severed, any player can pick it up and make a run for goals placed around the map. Some maps have goals that can be used by any player to score, while others have team-specific goals. Some maps have multiple goals where each scores a different number of points per head, with difficult goals (distant, or those requiring trick shots) worth more points. Those who set up HeadBall servers can also select whether or not to throw ‘limb scoringi into the mix, where each limb tossed into a goal scores one point.

Better yet, it is coming to the Mac! From a link to the Forums from HumanHeadis Web site:

Rune- Halls of Valhalla will hit shelves in April for the PC, with a Mac port coming a few weeks later via Westlake. The PC version will be in stores everywhere, while the Mac version will be available via online Mac outlets. No word yet on translated versions (weire still working out details with our publisher) but the US version WILL work with all foreign versions of the game.

Whatis the cost?

$19.99 is the MSRP- thatis whatis suggested, but your street price will vary.

There is more information about the expansion pack in the forum post, so go and check it out. If you want more information on the original Rune game, head to HumanHeadis site.

Recently HumanHead Studios held a contest for Rune fans who have the talent for making maps in the Unreal Tournament engine. It appears that fans of this contest who constructed the winning maps will have their work included in the expansion pack as part of their prize, so expect some quality fan work to be included. At this stage in the Rune: The Halls of Valhalla expansion there is no official release date.

Rune, for those who are unfamiliar with the game, is a third person perspective hack and slash game that puts you in the role of a marauding Viking equipped with some impressive melee weapons, including the huge (and now very recognizable) double-headed battleaxe. Do battle across a variety of landscapes and underground lairs, vanquish a fierce variety of foes, and generally go out and kick some butt.