Russian Speakers Receive Mac Development Tool

REAL Software has announced that their powerfully simplistic application development tool, REALbasic, is now available in Russian. This marks the first Mac developer tool available for the Russian speaking population. According to REAL Software:

REAL Software of Austin, Texas, and Robotyde Systems of Izhevsk, Russia announced the immediate availability of the REALbasic product line in Russia. Robotyde Systems will assume all marketing, sales and support of the well-received product line in Russia, as well as produce Russian language versions.

Robotyde Systems will localize and deliver REALbasic LE Russian Edition, as well as a Russian language version of REAL Softwareis REALbasic v.3, now in a public alpha version available from the REAL Software web site. Customers will be able to get full documentation and the applications fully localized in Russian. p> REALbasic 2.1 is available in a Standard Edition, which builds on the ease of use of the innovative tool REAL Software introduced last year. REALbasic 2 Professional includes advanced database connectivity; a single user, SQL-based database engine; and compile options that allow single click creation of Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT applications from the same source code that produces native Macintosh applications.

REALbasic is available for US$349.95. You can find more information at the REAL Software web site.