SANcube Gets Final Cut Compatibility A-OK

MICRONET TECHNOLOGY has announced compatibility between SANcube and Final Cut 3.02. SANcube is an online storage device capable of storage sizes up to 720 GB. The independent testing, performed by LA Macguru, verified the compatibility. According to MICRONET TECHNOLOGY:

MICRONET TECHNOLOGY, an innovator in storage solutions, today announced compatibility of its award winning SanCube Firewire RAID level 0 Single user version, the industryis first FireWire RAID, and Apple Computer&Mac226;s Final Cut Pro 3.02, as verified by the independent digital video consulting firm LA Macguru.

The testing, conducted by Mr. Jim Seavall of LA Macguru, spanned 2 weeks or rigorous functions including titles, transitions, and motion graphics on a 189GB project @216MB/Min, 12 hour high resolution digitized project at the highest quality (3.6MB/S.) The testbed consisted of a Dual G4-1Ghz with OS9.2.2 and 10.1.5, Final Cut Pro version 3.02, with a 360GB SanCube FireWire RAID 0 Xstream Dual channel Firewire Storage.

You can find more information about SANcube at the MICRONET TECHNOLOGY Web site. Pricing for the SANcube storage line can be found by visiting the sales department.