SCO Opens Fire On Novell

SCOis at it again, this time the Utah based company, known for its willingness to sue anyone and everyone who uses any product that even remotely resembles UNIX, is suing Novell. SCO has sued IBM for allegedly allowing code that SCO owns into the Linux community, and the company has been demanding licensing from Linux end-users before having proved these allegations in court.

This has drawn the ire of the open source community, and made SCO a few enemies on the way. As part of the ongoing dispute, Novell has claimed that SCO has no such ownership on Unix, which brings us to today. SCO is now claiming that Novellis own claim to UNIX is false, its actions slanderous, and it seeks to get the courts to force Novell to give up any rights it might have to UNIX.

From the C|Net News article, SCO sues Novell over copyright claims:

The suit, filed in Utahis Third District Court in Salt Lake City, accuses Novell of slander and seeks an order that would require Novell to assign to SCO all Unix-related copyrights and to withdraw any statements claiming ownership of Unix.

SCO rattled the technology world last year when it filed a $3 billion lawsuit against IBM, claiming that the computing giant illegally incorporated into its Linux software source code from the Unix OS, which SCO controls. Novell became an early combatant in the dispute, claiming that it retained certain copyrights when it sold the Unix rights to SCO.

The companies have continued toclash over Unix ownership claims, as Novell has deepened its investment in Linux, most recently with its purchase of No. 2 Linux seller SuSE Linux.

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