SCO Says 'Nevermind'; No Plans To Sue Linux Companies Or Users

The situation with SCO and Linux keeps getting stranger and stranger. This time, however, the news seems to be good for the Linux crowd.

The Age, a newspaper in Melbourne, Australia, posted an article which claims that SCO says it never intended to sue any Linux companies or go after any of the commercial customers of Linux companies, with the notable exception of IBM. SCO still plans to continue its lawsuit against Big Blue. From the article, No plans to sue Linux companies, says SCO:

The SCO Group said today it had never planned to sue any Linux companies, had no concrete plans to sue anyone and also no current plans to take a commercial Linux customer to court.

The company was responding to questions routed through its PR people in Sydney.

As the Canopy Group, which has a stake in SCO, also has interests in several other Linux companies, SCO was asked whether it planned to sue all these companies. The answer was "No. SCO has never planned to sue Linux companies."

In June, SCO senior vice-president Chris Sontag was quoted as saying the company would either will file a new suit or amend its lawsuit against IBM to target other companies which SCO alleges are illegally appropriating its Unix source code.

Today SCO also said it had no current plans to take a commercial Linux customer to court.

Read the full, but brief article, which gives a short history of SCOis actions and statements concerning Linux, at The Age.