SDIsland Aluminum Enclosures Now Shipping From Vydeo Systems

Vydeo Integrated Systems, Inc. is now shipping a new enclosure system for SDIsland users. SDIsland is a DV to SDI conversion device designed for digital editing environments. The enclosure features aluminum casing and laser engraved port markings. According to Vydeo Integrated Systems, Inc:

Vydeo Integrated Systems, Inc., released today their new all-metal enclosure for the popular DV to SDI converter, SDIsland™.

SDIsland™ is a low cost, unidirectional DV over 1394a to SDI converter with extracted AES/EBU digital stereo audio. The unit supports PAL and NTSC in Windows XP and Mac OS 9 and X. Two SDI outputs are provided for monitoring.

"This new enclosure is both rugged and cool," noted Matt Schultz, Vydeois Managing Partner, "Clear, hard anodized aluminum was used throughout to provide years of field and studio use, and to keep the product lightweight for portability.

Threaded inserts were used to provide stability and long life. Laser engraving was done instead of silk screen printing, so the port markings will never wear off. Itis all metal instead of plastic, so itis not only super-sturdy, it feels solid, too. There are eighteen screws in the assembly, itis rock solid.

We even beveled the screw holes and used 100º flat-head screws to give a smooth finish overall, and to guarantee that no screw head was protruding to potentially snag clothing or scrape a finger. Not only does SDIsland™ work great, it looks great next to your PowerBook as well!"

You can find more information about the SDIsland enclosure at the Vydeo Integrated Systems, Inc. Web site. Pricing information can be obtained by contacting the Vydeo Integrated Systems, Inc. sales team.