SETI@home Team Mac Observer Update, California Users Asked To Conserve

Itis been a while since we updated our SETI@home Team Mac Observer page, but regular updates are back. Team Mac Observer has grown to 723 members who have collectively turned in more than 320,000 work units. SETI@home is a project that farms out data analysis from a radio telescope in South America to the millions of people who have signed to donate excess CPU time to the scientific effort. Currently, there are more than 2.7 million people registered with the project who have contributed more than half a million years of CPU time. Thatis truly staggering. According to the SETI@home project:

TotalLast 24 Hours
Results received276897286601025
Total CPU time542259.17 years1222.87 years
Floating Point
(21.56 TeraFLOPs/sec)
Average CPU time
per work unit
17 hr 09 min 18.2 sec17 hr 49 min 24.4 sec

The Mac is the #3 platform behind Pentium/Windows and i386-winnt-cmdline. The Mac has been the #2 platform for some time, in part because of the processing power of the PowerPC line. The Mac averages 15 hr 27 min 18.6 sec per work unit, while the Pentium/Windows platform clocks in at 20 hr 56 min 54.9 sec per work unit. This, despite the recent disparity in high-end MHz ratings between the Pentium and PowerPC lines. Despite this strength, the i386-winnt-cmdline platform has recently overtaken the Mac to become the #2 platform. However, you can help us retake the #2 position!

The organizers of the project have allowed people to organize in teams to "compete" against each other in different categories to see who can process the most work units. Currently Team Mac Observer is the #19 Team in the "Club" category, and we would like to go even higher. We could use your help! Itis so easy to join, and it costs nothing. You can help out a great scientific project and show the world that the Mac kicks ass all at the same time.

Sign up with Team Mac Observer now! You can also check out our Top 20 Most Completed Units and Top 20 Fastest members. A big congratulations to one of our slowest sub-teams, Team 6100, who just passed 156 Work Units! If you have an unmodified PowerMac 6100, you can join this sub-team too.

One note: The folks at SETI@home are asking participants in California not to leave their computers on for SETI@home during power emergencies. According to SETI@home:

Attention California Users: Because of the current electrical power crisis, we are requesting that SETI@home users located in California shut off their computers during Stage 2 and Stage 3 emergency alerts. Although SETI@home represents a tiny fraction of the stateis power use, we should do what we can to conserve power when necessary.