SFGate.com Offers Humorous Ode To Apple's Attention To Design & "Feel"

SFGate.com has published a very entertaining look at Appleis attention to detail, and the subtle way it offers its products. SFGate.com is the online arm of the San Francisco Chronicle, complete with its own columnists and writers that arenit found in the print version of the Chronicle. Such is the case with this particular column, which was penned by Mark Morford.

Mr. Morfordis longish title for the piece is "Lick Me, Iim A Macintosh - What the hell is wrong with Apple that they still give a damn about design and packaging and ifeeli?" That approach entirely for humoris sake, however, and Mr. Morfordis piece is very amusing. From the article:

Like careful sexy product design even matters and as if you give a twit for packaging and aesthetics and user experience anymore in this overly plastic bloatedly excessive landfill wasteland Wal-Mart dystopia we call proud capitalist gimme gimme gimme America.


And maybe you buy yourself, say, a new Apple PowerBook, as I just did, and it comes in this really quite beautiful sleek black box with small elegant typeface and gorgeous subtle graphics and a strange and obvious attention to detail and you think, pshaw, who cares, just another big heartless tech corporation trying to smooth talk me, just another suckass hunk of plastic and wire and metal to break down in a month and be obsolete in a year and really, why should I give a damn.

And yet. You canit help but notice. Apple seemed to really put some serious work into this, into the details, the packaging, the shape and texture. The rich black box, the clean unobtrusive font, the silver sliver inch-wide side-shot photograph of the PowerBook itself on the box lid.

No screaming colors and no garish cartoon graphics and no massive corporate logo and no bullet-point exclamation points listing the outrageous features youill never use and youire like, wait a minute, what they hell does Apple think theyire hawking here, art?

Thereis much more in the full article, and we recommend it as a very entertaining and thoughtful read.