SF Chronicle: Creative's MuVo Micro Edges out iPod Shuffle

The San Francisco Chronicle has rated Creativeis MuVo Micro N200 an 8.3 out of 10, as compared with the iPod shuffleis 7.0 rating. The paper cites the Creative playeris LCD screen, FM tuner, and recording via line-in or voice among the perks. The 512MB player costs US$30 more than the $99 iPod shuffle.

The iPod shuffle receives generous treatment, however: "While other companies are packing their flash-memory players with a boatload of features, Apple has created a device that stands on two concepts: affordability and simplicity. Turn it on, press play, and do the iPod Shuffle. However, itis not the right MP3 player for everyone." The review also calls the pricing "supercompetitive."

The iPod mini was also reviewed and recieved an 8.7 out of 10.