S&P Sees Apple Boost From TiVo

Standard & Pooris (S&P) sees TiVois announcement that it is adding support for video capable iPods as good news for Apple, according to Forbes. The addition of TiVO-recorded content will boost the iPodis somewhat limited selection of programming.

Megan Graham-Hackett, S&P analyst, commented "In our view, the video iPod needs expanded content to be a more attractive device."

The process of converting video content is currently somewhat complex for the average user, and TiVoToGo should fix that.

S&P rates Apple at a price/sales point that is nearly four times its peers, and feels it can continue with that momentum, thanks to strong new product sales. It also raised the 12-month target price for Appleis stock from US$56 to $66.

Apple is currently trading at $64, down .56 (.87%).

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