Safari As A Driver Of Innovation On The Web

John Allsopp is a developer of a CSS development tools called Style Master, and he has penned an interesting editorial on the state of innovation and standards in the world of Web browsers. Mr. Alsopp says that Microsoftis decision to halt Internet Explorer development except for the as yet-unreleased Longhorn OS, cedes control over innovation to other browser developers, at least until Longhorn is released.

From those musings comes some interesting comments about Apple, Safari, and iTunes. Mr. Alsopp notes that Safari has been ported, at least in part, to Windows, powering iTunes for Windows on millions of Windows desktops. His idea is that Apple is in a prime position to be an innovation leader in browsers, and not just for the Mac. From his editorial, which has been full article, including lots of background information, which we recommend as an interesting read.

Thanks to LaurieF for pointing us to this story in the TMO forums.