Safari, Firefox Chip Away at Internet Explorer

Safari and Firefox both grabbed a little more marketshare from Internet Explorer in October, despite the release of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows. Safari continues to hold the number three spot, but climbed up from 3.53 percent to 3.93 percent. Firefox also jumped up from 12.46 percent to 12.96 percent to hold its second place position, based on statistics from Market Share.

Microsoftis Internet Explorer continues its slow downward slide, dropping to 81.28 percent from 82.1 percent.

Even with less than 4 percent of the overall browser market, Safari is still well ahead of its competition. Netscape holds the number 4 slot with 0.83 percent, and Opera is in fifth place with 0.61 percent.

Of the browsers that show up with any significant percentages, only Safari and Internet Explorer are single-platform applications. Safari is a Mac OS X application, and Internet Explorer is now Windows-only. There are, however, still some Mac users that rely on older versions of Microsoftis Web browser.