Safari's Drag-able Tabs

Safari 3 makes it much easier to work with tabs, which means itis much easier to work with all of the Web pages we want to keep open. Iive already talked about how to make new tabs in Safari 3.1 with just your mouse, but you can do even more with those tabs, like move them to different windows.

Drag tabs out of the Tab Bar...

If you have multiple tabs open in a Safari window, you can drag any of those tabs out of the Tab Bar to create a new window. This is really handy if you want to organize tabs in different windows. create new Safari browser windows.

You can also drag tabs between windows, which is great if you want to consolidate Web pages in a single Safari window.

Rearranging tabs in a single Safari window is easy, too. Just drag tabs to the left or right to reorder them to your liking.

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