Saintly Symbolism & The Interesting Case Of Compaq's Mac Keyboard

Observer Gabriel Kankindji has a good eye and quick mind. Gabriel noticed some very interesting symbolism in "The Saint," starring Val Kilmer, as well as a very interesting keyboard being used in a Compaq promotion Down Under. From Observer Gabriel:

I donit know if youive covered this one yet, but I recently hired "The Saint" movie with Val Kilmer. The first time he actually gets to settle down at his place after all the action stuff, does the messaging bit on his Nokia 9110 (very obvious), then pops open an Apple PowerBook (not very obvious), but the interesting thing is that when he opens the laptop, he takes a big byte out of a granny smith apple. Was it of any significance? I donit know.

Another extremely obscure one is a Compaq promotion run in Australia through Ingram Micro, the enthusiastic user has actually got in front of him a beige ADB Mac keyboard. Sorry, the sightings are not that glaring, but I always get a kick out of those extremely obscure Mac sightings.

Gabriel Kankindji

Thanks for the note, Gabriel! If you know of a Mac Sighting, let us know.