San Francisco Chronicle Notes TMO Shirts "...Because Windows Sucks"

The San Francisco ran a mixed review of the Macworld crowd. The article talks about the Mac users being more prone to wear tennis shoes, and the hard core Mac fans on hand for the event, including one little tidbit we found particularly intriguing. From the article:

For sale were G4s and OSXs and the always-handy USB KVMPs. Also T-shirts that said ". . . because Windows sucks," for $15 a pop.

Thatis right, our TMO shirts were apparently worthy of mainstream mention, or ridicule depending on who you are asking, but weill just say "Thanks!" TMOis "...because Windows sucks" and "I use a Mac" shirts are on sale at Developer Depotis booth, for US$15.

Thereis more information in the full article about the show, attendees, the things on sale, and more.